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From the inception of our cleaning service 37 years ago, we made a commitment to our customers to send the SAME CLEANER EACH AND EVERY TIME to your home. This promotes comfortability for our clientele. In the cleaning industry, this is quite uncommon. Over the years, we have found that this is only one of the countless ways that Maid For Today sets itself apart from others.

When a customer is delighted with the high quality of service that the cleaner has provided, he/she is thrilled to hear that the same person will be cleaning their house regularly. The consistency and rapport that is built between the staff member and the customer promotes a sense of comfort and reliability for the customer, which is highly desirable but often difficult to ascertain. We take great pride in providing reliable service at a competitive price point.

These are the very tenets that we, at Maid For Today, have used to guide us through 37 years in the residential cleaning service industry. We are the very same company that had humble beginnings in our kitchen in 1985. We are just as enthusiastic and dedicated to serving you, as we were three decades ago. Our goals and desire to always provide the highest quality of service is of highest importance.

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