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  1. Maid For Today has been servicing South Florida residents for over 37 years. Each room is guaranteed to be cleaned and sanitized.

  2. Our home cleaning company guarantees that the services provided will be done in an efficient and friendly manner.


Standard Cleaning in all rooms:
  • Dusting or wiping down Ceiling Fans
  • Dusting Lamps
  • Empty and clean wastebaskets
  • Pictures Dusted
  • Dusting Woodwork
  • Dusting Shelves
  • Dusting of Furniture
  • Mirrors Cleaned
  • Vacuum carpets or Mop flooring (tile, laminate, hard wood)
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Standard Kitchen Cleaning:
  • Clean and Sanitize Counters
  • Clean and Sanitize Sink
  • Clean and Sanitize Backsplash
  • All Appliances are Wiped Down and Sanitized
  • Microwave Cleaned (inside and out)
  • Floors mopped and sanitized
Standard Bathroom Cleaning:
  • Mirrors Cleaned
  • Polish Chrome Fixtures
  • Clean and Sanitize Shower
  • Clean and Sanitize Bath Tub
  • Clean and Sanitize Sinks
  • Clean and Sanitize Vanity
  • Clean and Sanitize Backsplash
  • Clean and sanitize Toilet
  • Clean and Sanitize Tile Walls
  • Mop and Sanitize Floors
Additional Services Provided Upon Request
  • Cleaning out Contents of Refrigerator
  • Inside of Oven Cleaned and Sanitized
  • Patio Furniture Cleaned/Wiped Down
  • Post-Construction Cleaning
  • Preparing to Vacate your Home
  • Purchasing a New Home
  • Other additional services provided- Please Inquire
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