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Maid For Today has been providing exceptional cleaning services to the communities of South Florida since 1985. Maid For Today is a family owned and operated cleaning service. Our longevity and our constant pursuit of customer satisfaction is of highest importance and supersedes all else. Our reputation often precedes us, as we have been servicing Broward County residents for many years.

Our trained professionals, have the highest of standards with regards to their work. We provide you the highest quality service and the most experienced/seasoned professional cleaners. Our entire staff is English speaking and will provide all supplies necessary for the cleaning, unless you prefer your own products. Our friendly staff will work tirelessly to meet and exceed your expectations. Our constant pursuit of excellence has been our mission since the inception.

When you choose Maid For Today, you are treated like “one of the family”. As such, it brings my family joy to eliminate concerns about the maintenance of your home. Our lives seem to be hurried, over-scheduled, and just too busy. At Maid For Today, we want our customers to feel pampered and taken care of.

We also offer sanitation services which are immensely helpful if you are moving in or out. Maid For Today will put you at ease if you are vacating the property by knowing that your home has been scrubbed and scoured from top to bottom. Conversely, if you are moving into a new home, we try to capture the feeling you get when see a well-maintained, beautiful home that looks like new for the very first time. We strive to bring these aspects to your new home because it makes the space happier, brighter, and eases your transition.

South Florida is obviously a common destination for those who are 55 + years. With such a large population of senior citizens in our community, it is commonplace to hear that a neighbor, friend, or family member (or possibly you) has been discharged from a hospital or a rehabilitation facility. Upon discharge, there may be a need to help with the maintenance of the home. Frequently, we get calls from individuals who are in this situation, and do not have the physical strength or endurance to clean their residence at this time. Allow Maid For Today to eliminate those stressors for you. Our maid services and attention to detail creates an environment which enables your home to feel like your own, personal retreat. We create an oasis which fosters recuperation and relaxation to facilitate your recovery and overall well-being.

In addition to traditional home cleaning, we offer cleaning and serving for events and parties. Allow our maid service to do the labor intensive work so that you have the luxury to be a “guest” in your own home. This allows our customer (the host) to create memories and actually enjoy their own event!!

Allow us to show you why Maid For Today and our team  has been Broward’s #1 choice for residential cleaning since 1985.



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From the inception of our cleaning service 37 years ago, we made a commitment to our customers to send the SAME CLEANER EACH AND EVERY TIME to your home. This promotes comfortability for our clientele. In the cleaning industry, this is uncommon. We have found that this is one of the countless ways that Maid For Today sets itself apart from others.

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Customize a cleaning schedule that meets your needs and your busy schedule. We will make sure that you have the SAME STAFF MEMBER EACH AND EVERY TIME we are scheduled toclean your condominium. All of our clientele is given a customized plan to fit their cleaning needs, while being respectful of their finances. Our customers can expect their condominiums to look pristine.

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Choose a cleaning service that has EARNED THE TRUST OF YOUR COMMUNITY FOR OVER 37 years. When you find yourself in a position where the thought of cleaning your apartment is intimidating, or life is too hectic and you need help in maintaining your apartment, why not call a company that makes its living solving exactly these kinds of problems?

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Personal Cleaning Services
Personal Cleaning Services

We work around your specific needs to ensure
you’re satisfied after every cleaning. Maid For
Today caters to you, providing regular cleanings
to help you maintain your home.

Moving In or Moving Out?

Throughout the years, Maid For Today has
helped residents who are either moving into
their home or vacating their home. We are
highly regarded in the community for providing
reliable, thorough cleaning.

Services For Parties
Services For Parties

When hosting a party, you want to enjoy your
time with your guests. Maid For Today offers
cleaning and serving for your events so that you
can focus on managing your event and having a
good time!

Kitchen Maid Service

The kitchen is often thought of as the “HEART OF THE HOME” and it is the space where family members congregate most often. Most U.S. homes have a fair amount of unwanted material stuck to their stove from normal wear and tear. From dirty stoves to grime that builds on counters and cabinets from day-to-day cooking.

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Bathroom Maid Service

We not only clean thoroughly, but we hope to create a space to RELAX and REJUVINATE yourself for the upcoming day. The bathroom can be covered in germs. We clean, sanitize, scrub and mop the bathroom.From the bathtub and sink where we scrub the dirt off ourselves to the toilet and the often-forgotten hot and cold knobs

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Bedroom Maid Service

People are encouraged to sleep eight hours every night. We spend a significant amount of time in our bedrooms. Therefore, it is only right to sleep in a clean and healthy bedroom. We often get feedback from our customers who tell us that they are always happy upon entering their clean bedroom.

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